About Us

Daemeter is a leading independent consulting firm promoting sustainable development through responsible and equitable management of natural resources, particularly in Asia’s emerging economies. With offices in Indonesia and USA, we offer a wide range of professional services to support clients and partners in achieving their social and environmental objectives.

Our name is derived from the Greek goddess, Demeter, who presided over fertility of the Earth, harvests, and human interactions with the natural cycles of soil and climate. Similarly, we believe strongly in the need for balance between humans and nature, and the fundamental importance of green economic growth to society’s long-term success.

Daemeter provides services to the forestry, agriculture, finance, energy, mining and international development sectors, among others. Our clients range from domestic and multinational companies, to NGOs, donor agencies, governments and research organizations and our work often requires bridging interests among these diverse groups.

Our team comprises advisors, technical experts and project managers, with combined experience spanning many decades and a wide range of disciplines required to meet client objectives. With a diverse, multinational team, we have a unique ability to apply international standards of best practice within limitations imposed by national contexts, stakeholder concerns and local operating conditions.

Our team’s capabilities range from field surveys in remote rainforest landscapes in Borneo, to village liaison in rural Sumatra, to desk-based policy analysis and boardroom level advisory. In our work, we bring passion, knowledge and a deep sense of purpose to support clients and their stakeholders in developing lasting solutions to complex problems inherent in most development settings.