Best Management Practices in the Indonesian Palm Oil Industry: Case Studies

Authors: Paoli, G., Schweithelm, J., Gillespie, P., Kurniawan, Y., Aurora, L., Harjanthi, R.

Publisher: Daemeter Consulting

Feb 2014

Daemeter launches a new publication today showcasing leading examples of good management practices by Indonesian palm oil producers. The practices illustrate ongoing efforts to manage social and environmental impacts, and demonstrate that consumers respond well to these initiatives. Companies leading these efforts enjoy myriad benefits that suggest responsible practices are good not only for the environment and local communities, but also a company’s bottom line.

Motivation for the study grew out of discussions with diverse stakeholders on the value of drawing attention to examples of good practice that illustrate how industry norms are shifting. The study is not intended to downplay ongoing negative practices in the sector, which are well covered in the media, nor is the selection of companies profiled meant to imply endorsement of their operations beyond the practices highlighted. Rather, the study’s main goal is to draw attention to positive innovation and lay the groundwork for learning networks around good practice. Many of the practices highlighted are not widely known outside industry, or in some cases outside the companies profiled. Daemeter hopes to expand scope of the study to other practices in the coming months.

The study was funded by the climate and Land Use Alliance, a group of US-based foundations that promotes deforestation-free commodity supply chains and active engagement with private sector.

Suggested citation: Paoli, Gary (Editor). Best Management Practices in the Indonesian Palm Oil Industry: Case Studies, Daemeter Consulting: Bogor, Indonesia. 2014.