Responsible Investment

The time when financial profit alone measures the success of investments has long passed. Today, companies, their lenders or investors, and countries must ensure that their portfolios comprise projects and firms that answer not only to the demands of shareholders, but also wider stakeholders, including local communities, civil society and governments. All this must be attained while managing risks to safeguard investments and ensure their continuity.

Daemeter has expertise to support investors in meeting policy objectives for responsible investment, from developing internal investment guidelines to conducting due diligence into potential investments as well as assessing risks and how to minimize them through direct, ongoing engagement with borrowers and other project partners. We combine deep local knowledge and networks with global best practice in investment support to help investors structure and implement transactions to promote strengths and manage weaknesses and support green development outcomes.

We provide a wide range of services to help clients meet responsible investment principles:

  • Sustainable investment standards
  • Land and licensing risks
  • Social and environmental risk management
  • Inventory and valuation
  • Business feasibility assessment
  • Green economy initiatives

Daemeter has worked with leading international banks and related institutions to support development and implementation of investment standards in forestry and agri-business. We also support diverse investor groups to conduct social and environmental due diligence in accordance with internal policies to scrutinize projects under consideration for investment.

Through these services we’ve aided many of the regions most dynamic, responsible forestry and agri-business firms to avoid risky investments in high-impact areas where responsible development is not tenable, and helped re-direct investors to low-risk, low-impact areas instead. In doing so, we not only support private sector to manage its footprint but also the Indonesian government in meeting its own national and sub-national commitments to green growth.