Sustainability Strategy

The past decade has seen increasing pressure on companies and governments to address social and environmental impacts in pursuit of economic growth. In response, diverse policy norms and voluntary standards, including the ISPO and RSPO in oil palm, as well as FSC certification and SVLK/PHPL for wood legality in forestry, have been developed and serve as reference definitions for sustainability and road maps for achieving it.

Daemeter combines expertise on global and national standards with deep understanding of government and business dynamics to support these sustainability initiatives. We support development of new policies and analyse existing ones to align better with green growth objectives. With certified auditors among our staff, we conduct baseline assessments, inventories and training to comply with sustainability standards and develop systems for organizations to monitor, evaluate and report production impacts, sourcing, supply chains and improvement measures.

Our services in sustainability strategy include:

  • Green economic development policy
  • Policy and regulatory analysis
  • Sustainable business advisory
  • Sustainable sourcing and supply chains
  • Certification and legal compliance
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Sustainability reporting

Our clients include government agencies and private sector companies, with whom we design and implement policies and safeguard, as well as donor agencies and non-profit foundations to develop low carbon development strategies and program design. We also partner with local, national and international NGOs to highlight and promote best practices in sustainability, through research, multi-stakeholder engagement, program evaluation and capacity building.

Engagement with private sector is a core focus of Daemeter’s work, helping upstream producers to align policies and procedures with international best practices, as well as downstream actors to understand impacts of their supply chain operations.